Enrollment Extras

Create Enrollment extras, such as registration fees, to be offered for purchase either on a yearly basis or once per enrollment option.

Under the Financial Dashboard select "Enrollment extras".  

Don't forget to select the year that you want this extra to be applied to.

  1. "Add enrollment extra..." to create an extra.
  2. The pencil modal will allow you to edit the extra once created.

Select "Add enrollment extra"

  1. Include the name of your extra.
  2. Select whether it will be by amount or percentage.
  3. In regards to Financial reporting, choose one specific session with which you'd like to associate all charges and payments for this extra. If this extra should be associated with multiple sessions, select "Automatic" and CampSite will evenly allocate the charges/payments for this extra across all sessions the camper is enrolling for when this extra is purchased.
  4. Select a transaction category that you set under Financial Dashboard>Transaction Categories.
  5. Add a description of the extra.
  6. Add the amount or percentage.
  7. Click "Submit".

Next, to make this enrollment extra available on your enrollment form, you must either offer it as a yearly enrollment extra or an enrollment option extra (in the enrollment option bundle).

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