Tracking Camp Program Financials In CampSite

One of the most useful aspects of reporting in a camp software solution is the ability to determine earnings for individual camp programs. Comparing accurate financial reporting across camps, and comparing the same program year-over-year are key drivers for making critical decisions on your camp business.

CampSite has offered an optional accrual accounting module for several years, helping camps associate financial transactions to camp programs. This module has now been merged into CampSite's core financial system, and is automatically activated for all new and existing CampSite camps.

The key concept is simple - charges and discounts posted in CampSite are associated with sessions. Those associations are then used to generate reports on earnings on camp sessions.

Maintaining accurate data in this system is key to accurate reporting. The association between transactions and sessions happens in several different ways:

For "predefined" transactions (e.g. tuition plans, enrollment discounts, transportation charges), the session association can be defined explicitly by your camp when you create the predefined transaction, or it can be determined by CampSite automatically based on the context of how the transaction is posted to the camper's account.

Example of the two different methods:

Explicit: Camp Firewood creates an enrollment extra called 'After Care'. Camp wants all revenue for this extra associated with Session 1. The camp indicates this when creating the extra.

Contextual: Camp Firewood creates an enrollment extra called 'After Care'. Camp wants revenue for this extra to be associated with whatever sessions the camper is enrolling in. A camper enrolls in Weeks 1 - 4, and the association is automatically split evenly between the four sessions.

Note that users can review and modify the session associations of a specific transaction on a family's profile page by opening the transaction details modal.

Once a camp has configured their session associations correctly, and transactions are being created, various reports are available to take advantage of this data.

  • Camper accrual summary - Summary of transaction activity by session, broken down by category and type
  • Camper accrual transaction log - Line item log of transactions by accrual session association
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