Financial improvements release for Sunday, August 14th

This weekend marks the third release of our planned financial system improvements. This update focuses on improvements to the invoicing process.

CampSite’s payment schedule system is based on preconfigured dates that are determined when the payment schedule is created. Camps are currently able to create invoices for parents on other dates, but only on a family-by-family basis.

With Sunday’s release, camps will be able to generate invoices for “non-primary” payment schedule dates in batch from the Family summary report. Any non-primary dates which have invoices will be able to run through CampSite’s standard “generate, send and auto pay” process, just like a standard payment schedule date.

We’ve also added an Auto Pay Report, which allows you to review the results of an auto pay batch any time after running it. Users will be taken to this new report immediately after submitting an auto pay batch, and be able to get real-time results as payment methods are charged.

Another new feature with this release is the ability to download the .pdf of an entire invoice batch after it has been generated. This reprint will be accessible by double-clicking the invoice icon next to the generated date on the payment schedule management page.

If you have any questions or feedback about this release, please feel free to respond directly to this e-mail.

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