Opt-In to Text Messaging


In order to receive text messages from your database, parents must OPT-IN. Parents can choose to Opt-In a number of different ways.

  1. Parents can choose to OPT-IN during the “New Family Enrollment” process. Directly below the cellphone information, there will be a check box labeled “Opt in to text message notifications from (your camp name here)"

  2. Parents of existing families can OPT-IN by logging in the parent dashboard, click “My Account” on the top right, and selecting the same Opt-In checkbox below the cellphone information.

    *These options can be toggled in: 
    Step 1: Request for Information + New Family Enrollment Form Setup

  3. OPT-IN requests can be sent manually through CampSite by going into any family profile and double clicking on the cellphone icon beside any parent’s cellphone number. This will send an Opt-In request to the parent’s phone. Parents can then text the word “YES” to Opt-In or text the word “STOP” to opt-out.

  4. OPT-IN requests can be sent via email by adding the Opt-in URL merge fields to an email sent to a single family, or any emails sent in mass through Advanced Reports.


*When sending an OPT-IN URL to families, be sure to send the correct link to the correct parent e.g P1 text messaging opt-in URL should be sent to Parent 1, not Parent 2. If Parent 2 clicks on the P1 URL they will receive an error message.

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