Vehicle Wizard (for door-to-door buses)

The Door-to-door Vehicle Wizard makes it easy to create vehicle bus routes by selecting campers/counselors from a map.

CampSite will then autogenerate the quickest route for you that includes the selected campers and counselors.

To begin, on the door-to-door bus page, select Vehicle Wizard.

Important note:

You can only use the Vehicle Wizard once for each vehicle.
If you’ve already used the vehicle wizard to create your vehicle route and now you wish to alter the route, there are other ways to do so without using the vehicle wizard, depending on which changes you need to make.
  • add or remove campers to/from a vehicle by editing their vehicle assignment via their profile or through advanced reports
  • rearrange the existing route order by dragging + dropping campers on the vehicle page

Or, if you prefer to use the vehicle wizard again, you could remove all campers from the vehicle, delete it, and then create it again. 

First, provide the Vehicle Details, i.e. name, capacity, and the origin details at the top of the page.

Next, use the map to select campers & counselors to include on this route. To begin, click the "polygon" icon to activate the drawing tool.

Draw a shape around the campers and bus counselors you wish to include on the vehicle (you can draw multiple shapes if needed, and can also double-click individual pins to add or remove campers/counselors).

When you've selected all the campers and bus counselors you'd like to include on the vehicle,  click the 'Calculate route' button.

CampSite will generate the quickest route for you that includes those campers and bus counselors. If needed, reorder the route by clicking and dragging campers using the re-arrange icon on the far left

When you're finished, click "Create vehicle".  

A vehicle profile will be created with the vehicle's route.  Re-arrange the route by by clicking and dragging campers into a different order, using the rearrange icon.

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