Vehicle Wizard (for door-to-door buses)

Use the Vehicle Wizard to set up every vehicle that will pickup/drop off campers on this route.

  • Use the vehicle wizard after campers are assigned to the bus and you don't expect changes to be made. You'll use a map tool to assign campers to a vehicle based on their location/the most efficient route.
  • Use the vehicle wizard each time you need to create each additional vehicle for this route.
  • You cannot use the vehicle wizard again for an existing vehicle (e.g. to edit the vehicle route). Vehicle routes must be edited manually. That said, wait to use the vehicle wizard once you no longer expect campers to add or remove the bus.  

Click "Vehicle wizard" to begin.

Vehicle details

First, provide the vehicle details.

  • The vehicle name is not displayed to parents.
  • The capacity limits the total number of campers the vehicle can transport. When adding campers to the vehicle next, you can't select more campers than the capacity allows.
  • The origin / destination address refers to where the vehicle will start / end.

Assign campers to the vehicle

Use the Google Map plugin to assign campers and counselors to the vehicle.

Map Overview

  1. When "Map" view is selected, click to toggle terrain.
  2. When Satellite is selected, click to toggle labels.
  3. Read instructions on how to use the Google Maps plugin.
  4. Click on a pin to view the camper at this address.
  5. Go full screen
  6. Enable street view
  7. Zoom in/out

1. Select the Polygon tool

2. Draw a shape

Click on the map to create a shape around the campers/counselors you wish to assign to the vehicle.

  • Draw multiple shapes if needed.
  • Manually remove or add a camper/counselor to the shape by double clicking on their map pin.
  • To reset your shape, click the polygon icon again.
  • To finish the shape, click on the point where you started to close the shape.

3. Calculate route

After you've drawn a polygon that contains all the campers you wish to add to this vehicle, click to Calculate route.

Google Maps will automatically create the quickest driving route. If needed, you can tweak the route in the next step.

4. Review/edit the route

View a map of the route and a summary of the route details.

  1. If needed, click to start over and draw a new polygon of campers to assign to the vehicle route.
  2. Change the route by dragging and dropping stops (i.e. camper addresses) into a different order.

5. Create vehicle

When you have your preferred route in place, click to create the vehicle.

Note: You cannot reuse the vehicle wizard to edit this route later, so it's recommended that you create the vehicle once campers' transportation assignments are in place (and few/no changes are expected).  Vehicle routes can still be edited later, but must be done so manually without the Google Map plugin.

Next, you'll be redirected to the vehicle dashboard.

To learn how to use the vehicle dashboard to manage a vehicle, click here.

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