Managing administrative users

Users with DB Management permission have the ability to create other admin-side users for their camp's CampSite account. Adding a new user is a two-step process: first, create their account; then, configure their account settings.  

Creating a new user

Additional users can be created in Admin > DB Management > Users.

  1. Click +Add new user... to create a new admin user account for your database.
  1. Enter the user's login credentials. Passwords must be a minimum of 8 characters with at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter, and one number.
  2. CampSite's permissions model allows you to create permission templates (called User Templates) for common permissions roles. To automatically apply an existing User Template of permissions upon creating this user, select the template here. If you do not select a template, you will need to configure this user's permission settings manually after you create their account.
  3. If selected, CampSite will automatically send this user an e-mail with login instructions once you click "Submit" to create their account (i.e. the link to your database, plus the password you set up for their account).
  4. Click "Submit" to create the new user.

Configuring the user's account settings

After you create a new user, you will then be prompted to configure their account settings.

  1. Select the permissions you wish to grant this user to determine their access level for CampSite. By default, new users have no permissions granted until you configure them manually at this step (unless you chose to apply a user template when first creating this user). To learn more about permission settings, click here.
  2. Choose which automatic e-mail notifications this user should receive from CampSite.
  3. Choose which page this user is directed to immediately after logging in.
  4. Apply a new password to this user's account.
  5. Save the changes you have made to this user's account settings.


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