Transportation Exclusions for Resident Session Groups

While resident camps may have the same transportation options available for the arrival and departure for multiple sessions, there may be times when a certain transportation options aren't available. Exclusions all you to remove transportation methods or buses from specific arrivals and departures to ensure campers aren't able to sign up for an option that won't be running.

This resident session group has four sessions, each lasting two weeks. Campers may come to any or all sessions, and without exclusions, will have the same transportation options available no matter which sessions they're attending.

If Connecticut bus isn't going to be running for campers arriving to camp on July 19, we'll add an exclusion for the specific bus.

Enter the information for the transportation method or specific bus, and the date and direction for which it is unavailable.

After entering the information, click Add exclusion.

The new exclusion will be added and immediately implemented. The exclusion only applies to the session group and will need to be added separately to each session group to which it applies.

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