Parents are not seeing an enrollment option on the enrollment form

If a family is unable to see an enrollment option on their camper's enrollment form, it may be due to their camper's age, grade or gender not matching the restrictions set for the enrollment option.

Restrictions allow you to create enrollment options that are only available for a certain combinations of gender and/or age or grade. Be sure to check the restriction on the enrollment option and compare it to the Basic Info tab of the camper's profile. If the camper does not meet the criteria, they may be enrolled administratively. If date of birth, grade or gender are blank on their profile, parents may complete the information in the My Account section of the Parent Dashboard, or the information may be populated on the camper's profile administratively.

If the camper matches the restrictions for the enrollment option, be sure to check that the enrollment option and bundle are set to be Active. When inactive, enrollment options and bundles are available for enrollment on the administrative side of CampSite only.

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