A parent can't see a certain enrollment option on the enrollment form. Why?

If a family is unable to see an enrollment option on their camper's enrollment form, i's most likely due to their camper not meeting the restrictions in place for the enrollment option.

To check if the camper meets the restrictions for the enrollment option, first verify the restrictions for the enrollment option by going to Step 9 of the Camper Setup Wizard, expanding the option, and reviewing the Restrictions tab within.

Next, review the camper's profile to verify if they meet the restrictions. If the option is being restricted by a saved report, load the saved report and review the parameters of the report. The camper could be "missing" from the report due to the parameters being configured incorrectly, or because the camper doesn't meet the requirements.

If restrictions are not the issue, check that the enrollment option and bundle are Active on Step 9 of the Camper Setup Wizard. If the option or bundle is inactive, they're not visible on the enrollment form for any parents (making them "admin-only.")

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