Managing door-to-door buses

Door-to-door buses allow families to select the bus method, with the actual route later determined by camp based on the campers' home addresses, or alternative location, if permitted by the camp.

The door-to-door profile displays the location of all campers requiring door-to-door transportation.

Selecting Manage bus settings... allows you to set the origin and arriving location and time, as well as control whether families may provide arbitrary addresses for camper transportation.

Adding bus counselors

The bus profile allows you to add a list of any hired staff members to be assigned as "bus counselors". Bus counselors will be integrated into door-to-door routes based on their home address. Select +Add bus counselor to select any hired staff members to be added to door-to-door transportation. Bus counselors will be included at the beginning of the route for arrivals, and the end of the route for departures.

Creating vehicles

Vehicles allow your door-to-door buses to be divided into smaller groups to determine the routing for your campers based on their pickup or dropoff locations. Please see documentation on the Vehicle Wizard for more information about creating door-to-door bus routes.

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