Central Location Buses

Central location bus routes stop once at a location you specify - e.g. a public parking lot - pick up or drop off campers.

All campers riding this bus must arrive at the central location for pickup and are then brought back to that central location for drop off.

Creating a Central Location Bus

First, add a bus and provide the overall bus details.

Click "+ Add bus..." from the Transportation Dashboard.

  1. Assign the bus name. Parents are presented the bus by name on your transportation form.
  2. Select Day or Residential mode
  3. Select Arriving or Departing direction
  4. Select Central Location for the route type
  5. Set the time when the bus will arrive to or depart from the central location
  6. Provide the address of the central location
  7. Provide a bus description. Parents are presented the description after selecting the bus.

After submitting, you'll be redirected to another page for managing the bus details.

Manage the bus details

From the bus page, use the Bus Settings modal to change the bus name, time, address; capacity; linked bus, and also delete the bus if needed.

Click "Manage bus settings..."

Edit the overall bus details as needed and save changes. To delete the bus, click the Delete this bus button in the bottom left of the modal.

  • If you don't see the option to "Delete this bus", the bus can't be deleted because it's currently in use. You can still remove the bus from your transportation form(s), however - click here to learn more.

Manage the vehicles driving the bus route

If you'll have multiple vehicles driving this bus route, create separate vehicles within the bus. Campers will then be assigned to specific vehicles for the route.

  • If you'll only have 1 vehicle driving this route, creating a vehicle is optional. Campers can be assigned to the central location bus overall with no vehicle assignment.

Click "+ Add vehicle..."

Assign staff counselors to the bus

If you've added our Staff module to your database, you can assign hired staff to each bus as counselors.

Click "+ Add bus counselor..."

Use a dropdown menu to select a hired staff member and one of the vehicles created for the bus (if applicable).

If you don't see any vehicles to select, close this window and click the "+ Add vehicle..." link to create one.

Clone the bus to the other direction

If you want to offer the same bus route for the opposite direction (i.e. arriving to vs. departing from camp), you can "clone" the current bus to that direction instead of creating a new one from scratch.

The cloned bus will be "linked" to the current bus automatically. When buses are linked, you have the option to configure your transportation form settings to require that campers ride both buses that are linked  together. When campers select their arriving bus, their departure bus is  automatically set to the linked bus and cannot be edited.

Click the link to "Clone bus to other direction..." Use the modal to finalize the bus name and time, then submit. After submitting, you'll be automatically redirected to the page for the cloned bus.

Once your buses are created, you can include them as options on your transportation form(s) by adding them to transportation session group(s). Click here to learn more.

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