E-mail Templates

Email Templates

An email template refers to the header and/or footer image(s) that appear on the email messages sent from your CampSite database. 

Create and save different email templates if you wish to theme certain messages differently emails (e.g. for branding purposes) and select them each time you send an email.

  • Do not use e-mail templates to compose the actual e-mail message. To learn how to compose/send a message, please click here.

Please note: Every CampSite database has a "default" email template that matches the Parent Dashboard theme that was configured when your database was first created. Camps cannot edit their "default" template manually. If you need your default template updated, please contact CampSite Support.

To manage your custom e-mail templates, go to Admin > DB Management > E-mail templates.

From the email templates tab, you can:

Create a New Email Template

Navigate to the e-mail templates tab of your DB Management settings, and then click "Add new email template..."

Here, enter a name for the template and submit. You'll edit the actual content in the next step.

Double click the pencil icon to access the template content.

By default, CampSite will pre-populate a ~~~text~~~ placeholder within the template. This ~~~text~~~ placeholder must remain in your template, to indicate where the body of your email message should appear when you apply this template to an email.

To customize your template, you'll add content above and/or below the ~~~text~~~ placeholder, as needed.

Adding an Image to the Template

If you're adding a header image, move the ~~~text~~~ placeholder down a line. Click above the ~~~text~~~ placeholder and then click the embed image tool.

Upload your image, send it to the server, and then edit the width/height or alignment if needed.

In the example above, the email template will populate a header image above the body of the email. If you wish to also add a footer image, add the image beneath the ~~~text placeholder~~~.

When you're done editing the template content, click Save e-mail template.

Edit an Email Template

Double click the pencil icon to access the template content.

Edit the template content and click Save e-mail template when finished.

Delete an Email Template

Double click the delete icon to remove the email template from your database.

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