Attendance Logging (Parent-driven)

Parent-driven attendance logging allows parents and Authorized Pickups to enter a unique PIN code to check campers they are associated with in and out of camp.

From the Attendance Dashboard, select Attendance logging (parent-driven).

An iPad interface will open.

  1. Select Checkpoint
  2. Select Direction
  3. Click Start logging

Each Primary Parent and Authorized Pickup has a unique six-digit PIN code. Use th PIN pad to enter the PIN code, or click "Forgot PIN?" to send the PIN code to the parent or Authorized Pickup's cell phone by text message.

Note: Clicking Admin will require a password to return to the attendance configuration page. This password is managed in the Attendance settings of the Admin menu.

The Parent or Authorized Pickup will be listed, along with any campers they are able to check in or out using this PIN code.

  1. Select a status for each camper
  2. Sign, if required by camp. This setting is controlled in the Attendance section of the Admin menu.
  3. Click Submit

The camper's attendance status will be logged for that checkpoint and direction.

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