Attendance Logging (Parent-driven)

Parent-driven attendance logging allow each parent and Authorized Pickup to enter their unique PIN code in order to check campers in and out of camp.

Please note: If your database has only completed Step 1 of the Rollover Wizard (and has 2 enrollment years open), the Attendance tool can only be used for sessions under the current enrollment year - not the following camp year.

From the Attendance Dashboard, select Attendance logging (parent-driven).

An iPad interface will open. To set up the screen for parents/Authorized Pickups to enter their pin and check campers in or out, follow these steps:

  1. Select a particular Checkpoint
  2. Select a Direction
  3. Click Start logging

Next, you'll be directed to the pin page. Each primary parent and Authorized Pickup is assigned a unique six-digit PIN code for use on this screen.

  1. Using the number buttons, parents/Authorized Pickups will enter their PIN code to be directed to an attendance logging screen for checking in / out the campers they're associated with. Parents/Authorized Pickups can identify their PIN via the Parent Dashboard (parents' PINs are located on the "My Account" page; Authorized Pickups' PINs are located on the Authorized Pickups page, after clicking to Edit the Authorized Pickup).
  2. If a parent/Authorized Pickup has forgotten their PIN while using this screen, they may click "Forgot PIN?" to have their the PIN texted to their cellphone number immediately.
  3. To leave this page and return to the previous Attendance logging configuration page, click Admin. Please note that a password must be entered upon clicking Admin; you can set this password in the Attendance section of the Admin settings page.

After entering their PIN, the Parent or Authorized Pickup will be directed to a screen displaying the campers within the family account they're associated with.

To complete the check-in or check-out process, they will:

  1. Click the appropriate status for each camper
  2. Provide a signature (this signature field can be toggled on/off in the Attendance section of the Admin settings)
  3. Click Submit

Upon clicking submit, each camper's attendance will be logged accordingly for that particular checkpoint and direction.

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