Attendance Logging (Staff-driven)

Attendance can be logged by camp staff each day through the Attendance Dashboard and is designed with an iPad interface for easy mobile use.

Please note: If your database has only completed Step 1 of the Rollover Wizard (and has 2 enrollment years open), the Attendance tool can only be used for sessions under the current enrollment year - not the following camp year.

On the Attendance Dashboard, select Attendance logging (staff-driven).

  1. Select the checkpoint you wish to check in or out
  2. Select the direction
  3. Select whether you are checking campers for normal, early, or late arrival/departure
  4. Select individual divisions or all of them
  5. Select individual bunks or all of them
  6. The attendance list can be filtered by transportation method, or include all transportation methods
  7. After making selections, click Start logging
  1. Search by name for specific campers
  2. Check in a camper for arrival
  3. Mark a camper Absent
  4. If a mistake was made the "Undo" button will undo the last camper marked

If your camp's settings require Authorized Pickups to be selected for the camper's transportation method and direction, choose the appropriate adult for the check-in/checkout.

Once a camper has been logged, they will be removed from the list. If a camper is marked absent for an arrival, they will not be available for checkout on the corresponding departure.

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