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It can be frustrating not knowing whether or not your e-mail has been read by the recipient. CampSite provides detailed and immediate insight into your mail delivery in order to help you communicate with your families, campers and staff more effectively.

CampSite partners with SendGrid, a best-in-brand provider of e-mail delivery services, in order to ensure your mail makes it to the recipient’s inbox. CampSite receives real time data on the actions taken on your mail and displays them in an easy-to-read format, both on the recipient’s profile page and in overall statistics to help determine the success of larger e-mail campaigns.

The following actions describe the lifecycle of your mail as it leaves CampSite and is interacted with by the recipient:

Sent: The e-mail was successfully generated by CampSite and relayed to SendGrid on its way to the recipient.

Delivered: The e-mail is acknowledged as being received by the recipient’s e-mail service provider. A status of ‘Delivered’ does not guarantee that the message made it to the inbox - e-mail service providers may decide to categorize the mail as spam, or not deliver the message at all. CampSite works with SendGrid to maintain a high deliverability reputation, which decreases the likelihood that e-mail service providers will consider the message spam.

Corporate and educational e-mail providers (e.g. schools, universities) often have strict rules when it comes to what e-mail to allow through. If you have trouble delivering mail to a recipient on one of these providers, you should consider asking the recipient for an alternate ‘personal’ e-mail address, or working with the recipient to have a filtering exception created for e-mail from CampSite.

Opened: The e-mail was opened by the recipient. Open rates on e-mail varies depending on the industry and the nature of the e-mail, but typically average around 20%.

Clicked: A link in the e-mail was clicked. This is the highest level of engagement with your message, and is typically between 5% - 10%.

Bounced: The e-mail could not be delivered to the recipient. This could be a temporary problem (e.g. the recipient’s mailbox is full) or a permanent problem (e.g. the e-mail address does not exist). If an important message bounces, you should contact the recipient to resolve the issue.

Dropped: When an e-mail bounces for a “permanent” reason (as described above), the address is added to SendGrid’s ‘drop list’. SendGrid will no longer send any mail to this address, in order to maintain a high deliverability reputation (sending to invalid e-mail addresses can lower this score).

If an address is added to the drop list, it is usually for a good reason - typically because the address is invalid. If you have verified that the address in question does exist, you can contact CampSite Support to have the address removed from the drop list.

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