E-mail Delivery Actions

By partnering with SendGrid (a best-in-brand provider of e-mail delivery services), CampSite receives real-time updates on the actions your recipients take towards each of your e-mail messages.

Individual Recipients

You can view the action completed by a particular recipient by locating the e-mail within the Emails tab of that recipient's profile page:

  1. Each e-mail address to which this particular e-mail was sent.
  2. The action that the corresponding recipient took towards this e-mail.

Mass E-mails

Or, view the actions taken by every recipient of a mass e-mail from the Email Statistics page for that saved e-mail. To learn more about e-mail statistics, read our E-mail Statistics article.

Action Types

There are 7 different actions a recipient can take towards your e-mail message. Here's a description of what each action represents:

Sent: The e-mail was successfully generated by CampSite and relayed to SendGrid but has not yet been delivered to the recipient.

Delivered: The e-mail is acknowledged as being received by the recipient’s e-mail service provider. A status of ‘Delivered’ does not guarantee that the message made it to the inbox - e-mail service providers may decide to categorize the mail as spam, or not deliver the message at all. CampSite works with SendGrid to maintain a high deliverability reputation, which decreases the likelihood that e-mail service providers will consider the message spam.

Corporate and educational e-mail providers (e.g. schools, universities) often have strict rules when it comes to the e-mails they allow through. If you have trouble delivering mail to a recipient on one of these providers, consider asking the recipient for an alternate ‘personal’ e-mail address, or having the recipient set up a filtering exception for e-mail from CampSite.

Opened: The e-mail was opened by the recipient. Open rates on e-mail varies depending on the industry and the nature of the e-mail, but typically average around 20%.

Clicked: The e-mail was opened by the recipient, and a link within the body of the e-mail was clicked. This is the highest level of engagement with your message, and is typically between 5% - 10%.

Bounced: The e-mail could not be delivered to the recipient. This could be a temporary problem (e.g. the recipient’s mailbox is full) or a permanent problem (e.g. the e-mail address does not exist). If an important message bounces, you should contact the recipient to resolve the issue.

Marked as spam: If an e-mail recipient marks your message as spam, the recipient's e-mail provider will communicate that back to SendGrid. All future e-mails you send to that recipient will be filtered directly into the recipient's spam folder by their e-mail provider.

Dropped: When an e-mail bounces for a “permanent” reason (as described above), the address is added to SendGrid’s "drop list". SendGrid will no longer send any mail to this address, in order to maintain a high deliverability reputation (sending e-mail to invalid addresses can lower this score).

If an address is added to the drop list, it is usually for a valid reason (most often because the address is incorrect). If you have verified that the e-mail address in question is correct, please contact CampSite Support to have the address manually removed from the drop list.

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