Creating Transportation Session Groups

To set up the transportation form, create a session group. Each session group corresponds with its own transportation form for parents to select their camper's transportation methods.

Session groups combine 1 or more sessions with 1 or more buses. Campers who enroll for any sessions in the session group can select/be assigned to any of the buses also within the group. Note that campers can only choose (1) arriving method and (1) departing method per Session Group.

How should I structure my camp's session groups?

  • To have campers choose the same arriving/departing method for all of the sessions they're attending, create (1) Session Group and add all of your sessions to it. 
  • To let campers choose a different arriving/departing method for each session they're attending, create a different Session Group for each session individually.

Also, note that a session cannot be added only be added to (1) session group for the year, but the same bus may be added to multiple session groups.

Add Session Group

Begin by clicking the "+Add session group..." link.

  1. Name: Create a name for the group of sessions. Note that this will also appear as the Transportation form name to parents.
  2. Mode: Day vs. Residential. Note that you can only add buses of the same type to the session group.
    • Residential session groups include the option to allow campers to select "flight" instead of "bus" as their transportation method on the  transportation form, if that's relevant to your camp.
  3. Sessions: Select which sessions to group together.
    • Remember that campers can only pick one arriving and one departing transportation method that applies to all sessions in the same group.
Note: Sessions cannot be removed from a session group once a camper enrolling in that session completes their transportation form, so be careful when selecting which sessions to add when creating a session group.

Manage Session Group

Next, you'll be redirected to the session group dashboard for managing the transportation form settings.

To learn how to manage a session group, click here.

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