Transportation Session Groups Overview

To create a session group, you'll select specific sessions and specific buses to "group" together. Campers who enroll for any of those sessions can then select/be assigned to the buses added to the group as well.

Each Session Group also comes with its own transportation form for parents to select their camper's transportation methods (if/when you activate the form). You can also add custom questions and trigger charges/discounts based on the camper's transportation choices.

When creating your Session Groups, note that campers can only choose (1) arriving method and (1) departing method per Session Group.

  • To have campers to choose the same arriving/departing method for all of the sessions they're attending, create (1) Session Group and add all of your sessions to it. 
  • To let campers choose a different arriving/departing method for each session they're attending, create a different Session Group for each session.

Also, a session can only be added to (1) session group for the year, but the same bus may be added to multiple session groups.

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