Credit Card Declines Report

The Credit Card Declines report generates a log of each instance when a credit card transaction was declined.

  • Please note: If a declined transaction was re-attempted and successful, the initial decline will still be generated in the Credit Card Declines report results. 
  • That said, this report does not necessarily reflect payments that still need to be collected

Instead, the Credit Card Declines report is more like a history log of each and every time a decline occurred.

Note that credit card transactions are declined by your payment gateway, not by CampSite. If you don't understand the "decline reason", please contact your payment gateway directly.

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, go "Payment gateway reports" and select "Credit card declines."


Filter credit card declines by:

  1. Section (i.e. which module the transaction falls under)
  2. Credit card type
  3. Transaction amount (leave blank to search all amounts)
  4. The date the decline occurred (leave blank to search all dates)
  5. Click Run Report to generate your results

Report Results

Each instance of a credit card decline (per your report filters) will display in the results.

  1. Double click to print or export the report results, and view the total number of results found.
  2. For each transaction, view the following details:
    • Section: The module that the transaction corresponds with
    • Datetime: The date and time when the decline occurred
    • Family / Guest: The name of the account on which the decline occurred. Click to view their profile.
    • Family ID / Guest ID: The ID number for the account on which the decline occurred
    • Credit card: The credit card type, last 4 digits, and card ID
    • Decline reason: The reason the transaction declined, per your payment gateway
    • Payment gateway ID: The transaction ID number within your payment gateway
    • Amount: The transaction amount

Decline Reasons

Credit card transactions are declined within your payment gateway, not by CampSite. 

A few common decline reasons for Constellation Payments customers include:

"Transaction Error"
The payment was declined/failed when your payment gateway attempted to process it. Contact the cardholder to see if there's an issue with the card before trying again.

"Amount must be between 1 and #####"

The amount you're attempting to transact exceeds the single transaction limit that Constellation has set for your payment gateway account. For example, "between 1 and 200000" indicates a single transaction limit of $2000.00.

You can either post multiple, smaller payments that are within your transaction limit; or, contact Constellation Payments and request that your limit be increased.

"AccountAccessory value is invalid"

The credit card is expired. Update the expiration date in the credit card details (if the card has been renewed); or, obtain a new payment method.

"Hold - Pick up card"

The cardholder’s bank has declined the transaction and requested cardholder’s credit card to be retained.

Read more about Constellation Payments processing codes here.

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