Family Summary

The Family Summary report generates an overview of the total amount of charges, payments, and balances per family.

Admins may also send a mass email to all families generated into the results, e.g. to contact all families who still have a positive balance to pay.

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, go "Camper reports" and select "Family summary."


Filter which families display in your report results.

  1. Filter families by the enrollment year their balance is associated with.
  2. Filter families by the type of balance they have currently.
  3. Filter families that have a balance within a specific range. Leave blank to generate families of all balance ranges.
  4. Filter families based on which payment schedule(s) they're on. "None" refers to families who are not on any payment schedule.
  5. Filter families by date range. Leave blank to generate all families.
  6. Click Run Report to generate your results.

Report Results

  1. Double click to print the report results
  2. Double click to export the report results
  3. Double click to send an email to all families listed in the results. You'll be redirected to CampSite's email page.
  4. View the total number of families found (based on your report filters)
    Each row represents a different family. For each family, view:
  5. The family's ID number
  6. The family's last name. Click to access their profile.
  7. The name(s) of the enrolled camper(s) in the family. If blank, the family has no enrolled campers currently.
  8. Which sessions the enrolled campers are enrolled in. If blank, the family has no enrolled campers currently.
  9. The current amount of charges, payments, refunds, discounts, and credits on the family's account (regardless of the 'date range' you entered in your filter)
  10. The family's current balance (regardless of your 'date range' filter)
  11. The date on which the family's last payment was made. If no payments have been made, the report will say "None"
  12. Which payment schedule(s) the family is on
  13. Click any column header to sort the results by the values in that column. Click once to sort in ascending order; click twice for descending. For example, click "Balance" once to sort families from the lowest balance to the highest balance.

Report Totals

In the very bottom row of the results, view the grand total amount of all:

  1. Charges
  2. Payments
  3. Refunds
  4. Discounts
  5. Credits
  6. Family balances
    • The grand total of all family balances will represent the total amount of payment you still need to collect from your camp families.
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