Creating Printed Forms

Creating a printed form allows you to present/collect physical forms (i.e. PDF or Word documents) to/from parents or staff, instead of having them complete the form digitally from within the dashboard.

To create a new printed form, select "+Add new form..." within the appropriate scope (Permanent, Yearly, Session).

  1. Enter the name of the form.
  2. Select "Printed".
  3. Upload the blank form. Note that parents can only upload a single file in return. If you want parents to upload a copy of their own document, do not upload a file here for them to download.
  4. Enter a due date, if applicable.
  5. Choose if you would like to make the form active. You should leave the form inactive until you are done building it.
  6. If a form is made "download only," the parent will not be prompted to re-upload this form back to you (this is useful for read-only material/handouts, etc.)
  7. Choose if you would like to allow the form to be edited through the Parent or Staff Dashboard after submission. Making a form editable will allow the user to return to their submission and edit/re-submit.
  8. Choose if you would like the form to trigger the "form submission notification" for your administrative users who opted-in to camper form submission notifications.
  9. Select if you'd like to restrict this form to only display to specific campers. Configure restrictions by first creating and saving an Advanced Report with the appropriate criteria. Then,  in line 9 above, select whether or not to display this form to campers who "appear on" or "do not appear" on the report you saved. Next, select the report.
  10. Choose to display this Form during the enrollment/application process. If the form is not displayed during Enrollment, parents/staff must click the "Forms" page of the Dashboard to access the form. If the form is displayed during enrollment/application, you will also be able to choose whether or not the Form is required during that process.
  11. Click "Create form" to save.

The new form has been added to the list of forms.

Click in the form name to upload a different file. Double-click the pencil to change the form settings.

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