Photo Posts

Photo posts allow you to add photos and text to Camp Today. Users will see a preview of images contained within the post, and can click on an image to view the full set of images to download or purchase prints.

To create a new photo post, click "Add photo post".

  1. Select whether or not you would like the post to be published. You may also opt to have the post published as a designated date and time by selecting "Later".
  2. Enter the title of the photo post
  3. Click to select tags
  4. Select the photo layout.
  5. Enter the text to be included with the post
  6. Drag photos to add to the post

After preparing the post, double-click one photo to make it the key photo for the album.

Click "Create post".

The new post will be added.

  1. Click the name of the post to edit.
  2. Double-click to delete a blog post.

Published posts will be available on the Parent Dashboard with a "New" indicator.

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