Photo Posts

Photo posts allow you to create a new Camp Today post that contains photos and text. Users will see a preview of images contained within the post, and can click on an image to view the entire gallery of all images that have been uploaded to the post. From this page, they can download each image and/or purchase prints.

To create a new Cap Today photo post, click "Add photo post".

  1. Select whether or not you would like to publish the post at this time. You have 3 options:
    • Select "Yes" to publish it as soon as you create the post.
    • Select "Later" to schedule the post to be published on a specific day/time after you create the post.
    • Select "No" to save this post, but not publish it on your Parent Dashboard yet. When you're ready to publish the post, you'll need to return to this page and set "Published" to "Yes" and save.
  2. Enter the title of the photo post
  3. Click to select tags
  4. Select the photo layout.
  5. Enter the text to be included with the post
  6. Drag photos to add to the post
  1. Once you've uploaded all the images you'd like to add to this post, you need to designate one of the images as the "key photo" by double-clicking it. The thumbnail will be highlighted green once it's designated as the key photo. On your blog, the key photo will be displayed as a main image for this blog post, which parents need to click on to access the entire image gallery.
  2. Click "Create post".

After you create a post, you'll be redirected to your blog page. For each post that's been added, view:

  1. The time stamp of when the post was created
  2. The type of post it is
  3. The title of the post (click the title to edit the post)
  4. Whether or not the post has been published
  5. Facial recognition matches for this post (if your camp has purchased our Facial Recognition feature)

Published posts will display on the Parent Dashboard (along with a "New" indicator in the top right corner).  To view the entire photo gallery for a post, click the key photo for the post.

Clicking the key photo for a post will redirect you to SmugMug, where you can view all the images uploaded to this post. Use the icons above the selected image to:

  1. View a slideshow of the entire photo gallery.
  2. Download the selected image.
  3. Buy a print of the selected image from SmugMug.
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