Printing E-mails

Select Camp Today > Communication from the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

  1. Select the order in which you would like to print e-mails (By bunk, By division, or By alpha)
  2. Select the number of e-mails to be included in each print job
  3. Click Create batch.

The new e-mail batch will be created.

  1. Double-click the magnifying glass to reveal print jobs for the e-mail batch.
  2. Double-click to delete the e-mail batch. Deleting e-mail batches will move the e-mails back to "new". Batches may not be deleted after one or more print jobs have been printed.

The print jobs within the e-mail batch will be revealed.

Double-click the printer icon to print a batch.

  1. Select the font size you would like to use when printing e-mails
  2. Select whether or not you would like to ignore the theme choice
  3. Select whether or not you would like to ignore the font choice
  4. Click "Print e-mails"

The print job will open and be ready for printing.

The date and time the print job was printed will be indicated. Print jobs may not be deleted after they have been printed.

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