Creating Web Forms

Parents/staff complete Web forms digitally, by typing their responses into the form via the Parent/Staff Dashboards. Admins can then report on the responses that are provided, via Advanced Reporting.

To create a new web form, select "+Add new form..." within the appropriate scope (Permanent, Yearly, Session).

  1. Enter the name of the form
  2. Select "Web"
  3. Enter a due date, if applicable
  4. Choose if you would like to make the form active. You should leave the form inactive until you are done building it.
  5. Choose if you would like to allow the form to be edited through the Parent or Staff Dashboard after submission. Making a form editable will allow the user to come back and make changes to it later.
  6. Choose if you would like the form to trigger the "form submission notification" for your administrative users opted-in to this notificaiton
  7. Select if the form has any restrictions. Restrictions can be set for campers and staff appearing on, or not appearing on, a specific Advanced Report
  8. Camper reports may be displayed during the Enrollment process. If displayed during enrollment, you will be able to choose to require the form during enrollment
  9. Click "Create form" to save

The new form has been added to the list of forms. Italics indicate that the form is currently inactive.

Next, click the form name to edit the form.

Click "+Add new question..." to add a new question.

  1. Enter text
  2. Select the response type (read more about question response types here).
  3. Choose whether or not the question is mandatory
  4. Click "Save changes" to save
  1. Continue adding new questions
  2. Click "Save changes" to save your form
  1. Double-click the red minus sign to delete a question
  2. Click and drag to reorder questions on the form

Click to preview the form. Note: You must save the form before previewing.

The preview shows the form as it will appear on the Parent Dashboard.

  1. Click to continue editing the form
  2. Click to return to camper forms

Double-click in the pencil to open the form settings again and make the "Active" setting = "Yes" to activate the form on the Dashboard.

The form is now active and can be viewed on the Parent or Staff Dashboard.

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