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Forms allow camps to collect information from a parent/staff/guest via the the Dashboard. Forms can also be used to present information (like an informational handout or camp calendar to download).

This support article explains how admin users can create/manage forms. To learn more about how forms appear on the Parent Dashboard, please click here.

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Form Scopes

The "scope" of a form determines how frequently it must be completed.

  • Permanent forms are filled out only once, and the responses remain on the form permanently (year after year).
  • Yearly forms must be filled out once a year.
  • Session forms are only completed by campers enrolling for/staff applicants hired for that particular session.
  • Daily forms are completed on a daily basis by campers enrolled/staff hired for that particular session. Click here to learn more.

Form Types

The form "type" determines how the form is completed by the parent/staff/guest. There are two types of forms camps can create - "web" or "printed."

Web Forms

Web forms are completed by typing responses directly into the form via the Dashboard.

To create a web form, an admin user must create each individual question that should be presented on the form. For more information on how to create a web form, click here.

  • View the someone's submission of a web form on their profile page. If needed, web form submissions can be easily printed out as well.
  • You can also create reports that generate everyone's responses to each individual question.

Printed Forms

Printed forms are completed by uploading a file (e.g. PDF document, JPG image, or Word doc) into the Dashboard.

Your camp can provide a blank form that users first need to download, complete, and upload back to you; or, you can prompt users to upload their own file to you (e.g. a scanned copy of a report card; their proof of income; etc.)

For more information on how to create a printed form, click here.

  • To view someone's submission of a printed form, you must download the submitted file and open it outside of CampSite.
  • You cannot generate responses from a printed form onto a report.

Create a New Form

To learn how to create new forms, read our other articles:

Managing Existing Forms

  1. Click and drag to reorder forms.
  2. Double-click to edit the form settings.
  3. Click to preview the form.
  4. Click to print all submissions received for this form.
    • Web form submissions will be generated in your browser, while printed form submissions will be emailed to you.
  5. Click the name of a form to access/edit the contents of the form.
  6. View the total number of submissions received so far.
  7. Double-click the red minus sign to delete a form. Note: a form cannot be deleted if someone filled it out already.

Move/Copy Forms

Duplicate a form and/or move it to a different scope (to change how frequently it must be submitted) using the "Move or copy form..." link.

Locate the form you want to copy or move, and then select the corresponding "Move or copy form..." link on the far right.

For example, in the screenshot above, to move or copy the Daily "Lunch Request Form," click the "Move or copy form..." link within the Daily forms section.

Move a Form

Move a form from the current location to a new location. Forms can be moved to a different scope (e.g. yearly to permanent), or to different sessions within the same scope.

For the Action, select "Move", and then specify which form to move and where. Select multiple sessions/years if needed. You'll also be asked to whether or not to keep the existing submissions.

  • If yes, these submissions will move along with the form so that those individuals do not need to complete it again under the new location.
  • If no, all submissions will be discarded and everyone will need to re-complete the form under the new location.
  • Please note that you cannot keep submissions if you move a Daily form.

Upon submitting, the form will move from the current location and appear under the new location(s) you selected.

Copy a Form

Make a duplicate copy of a form and place it in any location.

For the Action, select "Copy", and then specify which form to move and where. Select multiple sessions/years if needed.  

Upon submitting, a duplicate version of the form will appear in the location(s) you selected.

Categorizing Forms

Organized forms into different categories on the Parent/Staff/Events dashboard.

  • Forms don't have to be categorized. Without categories, all forms are listed in the same "Standard Forms" section, arranged in order you've placed them on the admin-side.
  • This feature can be helpful for camps who want to distinguish certain forms from others, and/or camps who have a lot of forms and wish to present them in a more organized fashion.

First, create a category via the "Manage Form Categories" page. Then, edit the settings for a form to assign it to a specific category.

Manage Form Categories

Click the "Manage form categories" link in the top right of the page to create/edit your overall form categories.

Open the settings for a form.

Note that placing a form into a category does not change how forms display on the admin's side - only the parent/staff/events Dashboard.  

To learn more about how parents submit forms via the Parent Dashboard, please click here.

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