Scheduling a Home Visit

If your camp offers home visits to prospective families throughout the year, you may schedule them in CampSite through the Home visit & Tour tab on the Family Profile page.

Scheduling Home Visits

Scheduling Home Visits

To schedule a home visit with a family, click "+Schedule home visit..." within the Home visit & Tour tab of a Family Profile page.

  1. Select a date for the home visit
  2. Select a time for the home visit
  3. Enter any notes you would like to have for the visit. These will show on the Family's lead card
  4. Click "Schedule home visit" to save

The home visit has been scheduled.

  1. Double-click to change the date of the home visit
  2. Double-click to change the time of the home visit
  3. Double-click to edit the home visit notes
  4. Click to unschedule home visit

Upcoming home visits

Upcoming home visits

To view upcoming home visits, select "Home visits" from the Camper dropdown menu on the navigation bar.

The next twenty home visits will be displayed, with the family name, date and time, location and notes. A home visit can be unscheduled by double-clicking the red minus sign in the appropriate row.



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