Batch Transactions

Create transactions in mass via the via the Spending Money Dashboard.

When creating transactions in mass, you can either enter a different transaction per camper or add the same transaction to all campers in the report.

First, create the list of campers you wish to create transactions for.

  1. Select an enrollment year
  2. Select a specific session
  3. Filter campers by division or bunk
  4. Filter by camper spending money balance (positive, zero, negative)
  5. Filter by specific divisions or bunks (based on the Mode selected)
  6. Click "Get campers" to generate your list of campers

Creating Individual Transactions

To enter a different transaction per camper, click and enter the transaction details on each camper row of the report as needed.

Creating the Same Transaction for all Campers

To add the same transaction to every camper in the report, start by clicking the link to "Set all transaction values...", right below the "get campers" button.

You'll then be asked to provide the transaction details.

  1. Select the transaction type (Deposit or Withdrawal)
  2. Select a transaction category to assign the transaction to
  3. Enter a description for the transaction
  4. Enter the transaction amount
  5. Click "Set all values"

The transaction details (Type, Category, Description, and Amount) will now be applied to every camper in the Spending Money report.

If needed, you can edit the transaction details per camper by clicking and editing the details within the relevant column.  

Posting Transactions

To create all of the transactions listed in the report, click the Submit batch transaction button at the bottom of the page.

Confirm the batch transaction by clicking the OK button.

The report will refresh and each camper's Balance will update to reflect the batch transaction that was just posted.

On each's camper profile, you'll also see the new transaction posted within the camper's Spending Money tab.

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