Batch Transactions

Batch Transactions allows you to post transactions to multiple campers within selected divisions or bunks within an individual session. Batch transactions are posted thought the Spending Money Landing Page.

  1. Select the enrollment year
  2. Select a session
  3. How would you like to post batch transactions, "by division" or "by bunk"
  4. Select the type of account balances you would like to display. By default, all campers in the selected divisions or bunks will be displayed
  5. Select the specific divisions or bunks you would like to display
  6. Click "Get campers"

All campers matching your selected criteria will be listed.

To set the transactions values for all campers, click "Set all transaction values..."

  1. Select the transaction type (deposit or withdrawal)
  2. Select the transaction category
  3. Enter a description
  4. Enter the transaction amount
  5. Click "Set all values"

The transaction information has now been set for all campers. An individual camper's transaction information can be changed by clicking in the Type, Category, Description or Amount column.  

  1. The sum of all transactions is shown at the bottom of the page
  2. Click "Submit batch transaction" to post each transactions to the campers profile page

Click "ok" to post transactions

Each campers Spending Money balance has been updated to reflect the transactions that was just posted.

  1. Click the printer icon to print a list of Camper Spending Money balances
  2. Click to export Camper Spending Money balance to Excel
  3. Click to send an e-mail to campers on this list  
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