Camper Profile Page: Overview

  1. Camper Info:
  2. Click tro navigate to the camper's family's profile.
  3. Camper's profile photo. Click once to edit.
  4. Gender indicator.
    • A blue indicator means the camper's gender is listed as "Male"; a red indicator indicates "Female". If you've added custom gender values to your database, they'll display as a grey indicator.
  5. Camper first and last name. Double click to edit.
  6. Camper's current enrollment status (for each year that's still open for enrollment).
    • If the camper is not currently enrolled, their Lead Status will display here. Double click to edit their status as needed.
  7. If the camper is enrolled, the sessions they're enrolled in will display here, along with their division + bunk assignment.
  8. If the camper has siblings, their siblings will display here. Click a sibling's name to navigate to their profile.
  9. Quick Notes: Double click to add/edit notes regarding this camper. Quick notes are visible to admins only (not to parents).
  10. Profile tabs: Click to access the information within a particular tab.
  11. Action Menu: Click to complete various actions for this camper.

Action Menu

  1. Send an e-mail: Send a camper-level email to the camper's parents or to the camper directly.
  2. Generate document: Generate one of your saved Camper documents with this camper's information.
  3. Generate labels:  Generate one of your saved Camper labels with this camper's information.
  4. Enroll for 20XX: Manually enroll the camper for the year indicated.
  5. Waitlist for 20XX: Manually place the camper onto a waitlist.
  6. Manage sessions for 20XX: Swap the camper's sessions (if the camper is swapping sessions within the same enrollment bundle)
  7. Unenroll for 20XX: Unenroll the camper from some or all enrollment options for the year indicated.
  8. Open family radar: Open an interactive map indicating the camper's home address along with the nearest families that live close by.
  9. Move this camper...: Move this camper to a different family account.
  10. Delete this camper: Permanently delete this camper's account and all data related to this camper. A camper cannot be un-deleted, so choose this action carefully!
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