Family Profile Page: Overview

  1. The family's name (double click to edit)
  2. The campers within the family (click a camper's photo to access the camper's profile)
  3. Quick Notes
  4. Tabs of information
  5. Action Menu

Quick Notes

Record "quick" notes about a family via the yellow Quick Notes section of the family profile.

  • Quick Notes are for admins and cannot be accessed by the family.
  • Quick Notes are saved permanently (year after year), unless an admin edits or deletes them.

To add or edit Quick Notes, double click the yellow sticky note and the text area will become editable.

  1. Add/edit the content of the Quick Notes as needed.
  2. Click Ok to save your changes.

Profile Tabs

The family's information is stored in different tabs. To learn more about each tab, please refer to the support article for the relevant profile tab by clicking here.

Action Menu

Complete various actions for this family's account using the Action Menu.

Click the Action Menu to dropdown the following action items:

  1. Send an e-mail to the family.  
  2. Send a text message if the parent is opted in.
  3. Generate one of your saved Family Documents with this family's information.
  4. Generate one of your saved Family Labels with this family's information.
  5. Generate a "lead card" with this family's lead data.
  6. Reset the Parent Dashboard passwords for the parents within this family. 
  7. Reset or send the Attendance PINs for each parent in the family.
  8. Add a camper to the family.
  9. Open an interactive map indicating the camper's home address along with the nearest families that live close by.
  10. Merge this family into another family account (i.e. when duplicate accounts are created).
  11. Permanently delete this family's account and all data related to the family. A family cannot be un-deleted, so choose this action carefully!

Resetting a Parent's Password

Admin users can manually reset  parent's password via the Action Menu.

  • Note that parents can also reset their password themselves by navigating to the login page for your camp's Parent Dashboard, clicking "Forgot password?", and entering the email address associated with their account.
  1. Enter a new password to apply to the parent's account. You can either type a new password yourself or double click the wand icon and CampSite will autogenerate a password for you.
  2. Select a parent to apply the new password to - Primary 1, Primary 2, Divorced 1, or Divorced 2.
  3. Select to email the password to the parent.
    • If selected, once the password reset is submitted, the parent will receive an email containing a link to your parent dashboard along with their new password to use for logging in.
  4. Click "Reset password" to save.
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