Copying Bunking Boards

Bunking boards may be copied from one session to another using the copy function.

If you wish to create the same division/bunk layout for multiple sessions, save time by creating the layout in one session and then simply copying that layout to other sessions in your database.

After creating the division/bunk layout you wish to copy, double click the copy icon next to the Session dropdown menu.


  1. Before completing the "copy" process, please note: copying a Bunking Board will overwrite all existing divisions and bunks (plus camper assignments) in the destination session(s), if any exist. Copying does not simply add to another bunking board layout - it overwrites it completely.
  2. Multi-select which session(s) you wish to copy the current bunking board onto.
  3. Choose to also copy the camper and/or staff assignments to the sessions selected. This will only apply to any campers/staff in the destination session(s) who are also enrolled/hired for the current session.
  4. Click "Copy" to complete the copying process.

You will be asked to confirm the copy. Click "OK" to proceed with copying or "Cancel" to not copy.


Open the bunking board for one of the sessions you chose to copy the previous board to, and you'll find the divisions/bunks have been copied over.

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