Logs Tab

The Logs sub-tab contains a record of the Camper or Staff member's Health Center Visit Logs and Communication Logs.

Health Center Visit Logs

Health Center Visit Logs allow you to document visits Campers and Staff make to the Health Center. Health Center Visit Logs can remain open and editable so you can document treatment until the condition improves and your health center staff is ready to close the log.

  1. Click "+ Add log entry..." to create a new health center visit log for a Camper or Staff Member. This can also be done through the Medical Dashboard.
  2. Click the yellow pencil to edit an open log.
  3. Click the paper icon to view a health center visit log.
  4. Double-click the red minus sign to delete an open log.

Communication logs

The Communication log is where your health center staff can document conversations pertaining to a Camper or Staff Member's health.

  1. Click "+ Add communication log entry..." to add a new communication log entry.
  2. Double-click the red minus sign to delete a communication log entry.
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