Database Rollover Step 2: Change current year

Completing Step 2 of the Rollover wizard will designate the following year as your "current year" in CampSite. In doing so, enrollment, hiring, and registration will no longer be available for the present year.

More specifically, after closing the present year, admins cannot complete the following actions under that year:

  • Enroll or un-enroll campers
  • Register or un-register Event attendees
  • Hire or un-hire Staff
  • Log attendance
  • Deliver medications

Note: Completing Step 2 does NOT impact financials. Transactions can still be created towards years that have been closed.

To change the current year of your database, select Step 2: Set 'current year' from the Rollover Wizard section of the DB Management tab of the Admin menu.

  1. First, review the important information.
  2. Click "set current camper and staff years" to complete the Database Rollover.
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