Approving Camper Enrollment Requests

Each time the enrollment form is submitted, an enrollment request is created for the camper. Camps using manual enrollment processing mode must manually approve all enrollment requests via the "New" tab of the Enrollment Requests page.

To approve a new enrollment request, click "Enroll". CampSite will re-direct to the Enrollment Wizard page.


Enrollment Wizard

In order to manually enroll a camper, an admin must complete the Enrollment Wizard. The Enrollment Wizard contains a series of steps, each with different enrollment items that need to be processed in order to finalize the camper's enrollment.

Note that the Enrollment Wizard is used for all manual enrollment - whether the admin is approving a request submitted by the parent, or creating a new enrollment request on behalf of the parent, the admin will use the Enrollment Wizard.

If the admin is approving a request submitted by the parent, the wizard will be pre-filled with the information that the parent submitted. This information may be edited by the admin if needed. If the admin is creating the request on behalf of the parent, the wizard will be blank, and the admin will need to fill out all the information manually.

  1. Camper name and the year the camper is being enrolled for. Click the camper's name to go to their profile page. If a camp has binary gender options enabled, a red avatar represents a female campers; a blue avatar represents a male camper.
  2. Basic camper information.
  3. Primary parent information.


Step 1: Enrollment Options

Confirm which enrollment options the camper will be enrolled into.

  1. Click "add" to select additional enrollment option(s) to approve the camper for.  
  2. View the enrollment option(s) that have been added, labeled with the option name and description.
  3. The bundles available for the enrollment option.
  4. Click the "remove" button to remove this enrollment option, so as not to approve the camper for this option.
  5. Continue to the next step of the wizard.

Admins may edit which enrollment options/bundles/sessions are selected in this step to customize exactly what the camper is enrolled into.

Step 2: Questions + Extras

Complete enrollment form questions and add enrollment extras.

  1. Enrollment questions and yearly enrollment extras.
  2. Enrollment-option questions and responses (only questions associated to the enrollment options selected in the previous step will display here).
  3. Enrollment-option extras and responses (only extras available to the enrollment bundles selected in the previous step will display here).
  4. Continue to the next step of the wizard.

Admins may make changes to the responses entered/extras selected by the parent before proceeding. Note: Only admins may designate a quantity for enrollment extras. Parents may only purchase a single enrollment extra once on their end.

Step 3: Transportation

If a camp has the transportation module, a Transportation step will display on the Enrollment Wizard. Within this step, a camper may be assigned transportation.

  1. The name of the transportation session group that pertains to the session(s) the camper is being enrolled for in this request.
  2. The arriving and departing transportation method(s). Note: If "bus" is selected, additional information about the bus will need to be provided.
  3. Transportation questions and responses.
  4. Transportation charges. Charges will be triggered automatically if the camper meets the transportation charge criteria.
  5. Continue to the next step of the wizard.

Admins may make changes to the transportation data requested by the parent before proceeding (e.g. a transportation charge may be manually applied or removed).

Step 4: Bunking

In step 4, campers may be assigned a division/bunk for each session they're enrolling into. Note: this step is optional - admins may choose not to bunk a camper at this time. To skip bunking assignments, the "next step" button to continue.

  1. First, select the division to assign the camper to, for a given session.
  2. If a division is selected, the camper may then be assigned to a bunk within the division. Note: A bunk is not required if a division is selected.
  3. Continue to the next step of the wizard.

Note: if a camper is being enrolled into multiple sessions that have divisions/bunks of the same exact name, selecting a division or bunk for one session will auto-populate the same division/bunk for all other sessions with that same bunking configuration.

Step 5: Payment Information

Lastly, confirm the payment details and process the enrollment request.

Financial Summary

First, review the financial summary for the enrollment options/extras/transportation that were selected earlier in the Enrollment Wizard.

  1. View all transactions being incurred for this enrollment, including tuition plans, enrollment extras, and transportation charges.
    - Note: Campers will be charged pre-defined tuition plan amounts according to the tuition plan that's built into the enrollment option bundle(s) selected for enrollment. The tuition plan amount cannot be edited from this page.  
  2. For tuition plan charges, the name of the tuition plan rate that's been triggered will also display. Admins may manually edit the rate (e.g. apply the early bird rate even if the early bird rate has expired) by double clicking the pencil icon.
  3. View the subtotal of all charges.
  4. Enter a coupon code against the subtotal. Admins may manually enter a coupon code or remove a coupon code that's been entered by a parent.
  5. View the total of all charges.
  6. Apply enrollment discounts to the total. All discounts created on Step 7 of the Setup Wizard will display here. Any automatic discounts that have been triggered will be pre-selected; admins may de-select to remove the discount if desired. Manual discounts will never be pre-selected; admins must manually select to apply a manual discount to the total. Note: Admins may select a quantity for discounts of a flat amount.

Payment Details and Payment Schedules

Next, specify the details for the payment to be posted upon approving the camper's enrollment request and which payment schedule (if any) that the family will be placed onto.

  1. Confirm the payment method to be used for the payment. In terms of electronic payment methods, camps will only see the payment options that they have configured for their payment gateway (i.e. credit card and/or checking account).
  2. The account information for an electronic payment method selected above. Choose a saved account on the family's profile; or, add a new account manually.
  3. Specify the payment amount. Admins may manually edit the deposit amount, if needed. Note: If "pay deposit" or "pay in full now" are selected, an electronic payment must be processed. If a camp does not wish to debit an electronic payment at this time (e.g. the camp has accepted a non-electronic form of payment, like cash or check, from the parent), select "no payment now" and payment method = "none" to process this enrollment. Non-electronic payments must be added manually on the family's profile page.
  4. Choose a payment schedule to place the family onto. All transactions being incurred with this enrollment request will be added to the payment schedule that's selected here. If the family should not be placed onto a payment schedule (e.g. because the family is paying in full), click "none."
  5. Choose an "auto pay" setting for the payment schedule. "No" = the family will need to submit payment manually; "yes" = the family will be placed onto auto pay and their credit card will be debited automatically when the camp completes the "auto pay" step of the invoice process.


Signature & E-mail confirmation

Next, confirm the parent signature and designate an e-mail to be sent upon completing the camper's enrollment.

  1. The signature of the person who submitted the enrollment request. If an admin is creating an enrollment request on behalf of a parent, the admin must also sign on the parent's behalf.
  2. The date the enrollment request was submitted.
  3. Choose to send a saved camper e-mail to the primary parent(s) upon submitting the enrollment wizard.
  4. Choose which primary parents should receive the saved e-mail. Note: Sending a confirmation e-mail is optional. To avoid sending an e-mail, de-select a saved e-mail and de-select all parents.
  5. If an e-mail is sent, select to attach a registration contact and/or current statement (including the transactions being incurred by this enrollment) to the e-mail.


Complete Enrollment

To finalize the camper's enrollment, click the "submit enrollment" button at the very bottom of the page.

Once this button is clicked, the camper will be enrolled; the related transactions will be posted to the family's account; and the confirmation e-mail will be sent (if selected).

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