Approving Camper Enrollment Requests

When using manual processing mode, new enrollment requests submitted through the Parent Dashboard will appear in the "New" enrollment requests tab until you re ready to confirm the camper's enrollment.

To enroll a camper from their enrollment request, click "Enroll".

  1. Basic camper information
  2. Primary parent information
  3. Enrollment information selected on the camper enrollment form. You may add additional enrollment options, remove the selected options, or change the enrollment bundle and sessions
  4. Click "Next step: Questions"
  1. General enrollment questions
  2. Enrollment option questions
  3. Enrollment extras selected
  4. Click "Next step: Bunking"
  1. You may assign the camper to a division and bunk for each session they are enrolled in. This information can also be assigned on the Bunking Board.
  2. Click "Next step: Checkout"
  1. Camper financial summary
  2. Use checkboxes to apply enrollment discounts
  3. Payment details
  4. Parent signature
  5. Select a saved camper e-mail for the enrollment confirmation. Select which parents should receive the e-mail, as well as attach a registration contract and statement.
  6. Click Submit enrollment. If the family is using an electronic payment method, the deposit or other amount indicated will be charged to the payment method. If the family is paying with another payment method, the payment will need to be logged directly on the family profile page.
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