Phone Call Settings

Manage the Phone Call Scheduling module settings via Admin>Campers>Phone Call Scheduling.

Allow parents to book calls on Parent Dashboard

Toggle whether or not parents are able to schedule phone calls via the Parent Dashboard. When toggled to Yes, a "Phone Call Scheduling" page will appear on the dashboard, where parents can see/book the available time call slots you've created.

Enable division / bunk blackouts

Toggle whether or not admins may blackout, or prohibit, certain divisions/bunks when creating new call slots. When toggled to yes, a new option will appear in the "Add new call slots" modal, where an admin can select certain divisions and/or bunks to prohibit from scheduling calls during the time slots being added.

Pre-phone call lockout period (in hours)

Select, in hours, a lockout period before scheduled phone calls. During the lockout period, parents cannot make changes to a scheduled phone call (though admins may).

Phone call increments (in minutes)

Specify the duration of all phone calls (In minutes).

Phone call instructions (appears at the top of the scheduling window, on the Parent Dashboard)

Add custom instructions for parents, which will appear at the top of the Phone Call Scheduling page of the Parent Dashboard.

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