Expired Credit Cards

The Expired Credit Card report generates a log of each saved credit card that has expired by the expiration date you've selected.

This report can be used to proactively notify those with an expired credit card in advance of an automatic payment that they have scheduled.

First, navigate to the Financial Dashboard by clicking the Financial link in the top navigation bar.

Next, go "Payment gateway reports" and select "Expired credit cards."


Filter expired credit cards by:

  1. Section (i.e. which module the saved credit card falls under)
  2. Credit card type
  3. Expiration date (month and year)
  4. Primary cards only
    • Primary cards are those designated for use on auto payments during the invoicing process.
  5. Click Run Report to generate your results

Report Results

Expired credit cards (per your report filters) will display in the results.

  1. Double click to print the results
  2. Double click to export the results as a spreadsheet
  3. Double click to mass e-mail everyone listed in the results (e.g. to request that they update their saved credit card[s] on file)
  4. For each expired credit card, view the following details:
    • Section: The module that the saved credit card falls under
    • Family / Group / Guest / Donor: The name of the account to which the card is saved. Click to view their profile.
    • Family ID / Group ID / Guest ID / Donor ID: The ID number for the account on which the card is saved
    • Card: The credit card type, last 4 digits, and card ID
    • Expiration date: The month and year on which the card expires
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