Camper Profile: Yearly Info Tab

Yearly info

Information pertaining to the enrollment options a camper is enrolled in

Basic info

  1. Basic yearly Info displays at the top of campers profile
  2. Current campers grade in school

Enrollment Requests

  1. Show the date when it was submitted
  2. Enrollment status. Meaning Approved, Waitlisted, or Rejected
  3. A PDF of the campers "Registration contract".  Basically shows enrollment options and payment schedule
  4. Enrollment options displays what the camper is enrolled in
  5. Processed shows who processed the request with a date and timestamp

Enrollment questions

  1. Add existing enrollment questions that you create under Admin>Step 8: Enrollment form setup
  2. These are the questions that are added under Admin>Step 9: Enrollment options.  They are specific to each option that the camper is enrolled in

Enrollment extras

  1. Here you add yearly extras that were created under Admin>Step6: Enrollment extras
  2. Here you can add specific enrollment extras created under Admin> Step 9: Enrollment options

Custom fields

Here the Year fields are presents which are created under Admin>Custom fields


Displays the Bunk schedule and the Elective schedule

Bunk schedule

Bunk schedule gives the date and times associated with the camper and the bunk that they are connected to.

Elective schedule

Elective schedule gives the date and time of the electives associated with the camper


Displays the mode of Transportation based on the options a camper is enrolled in.  (Note: A camp must have purchased the Transportation module for this option to appear)


Here you can see the days the camper is enrolled in camp and the mode of transportation to go along with it.  By using the "Add exception" button you can customize the mode of transportation for each day.  

Camp Firewood (Enrollment Option)

(First everything must be set in the transportation module, otherwise these options are unavailable for the Camper Profile)

  1. Here you can choose the transportation mode for Arrivals and Departures
  2. Here a Camper's responses can be recorded to pre-decided questions
  3. Once again set this section up under the transportation module then you can "Add transportation transactions" per camper


Another section that you must first have purchased the module to use.  Start by double clicking on a date...

Once you have double clicked on a date you can...

  1. Change the arrival time to "Early", "Normal", "Late" and adjust the times accordingly
  2. Staff can log "Check ins" for certain days or "Absents"
  3. Change the departing time to "Early", "Normal", "Late" and adjust the times accordingly
  4. Staff can log "Check outs" for certain days as well

Spending money

See Spending Money documentation for more information

Session Info

Whatever sessions the camper has been enrolled in show here.  It's broken down into "Bunking" and "Phone call scheduling"


Session tabs will appear within the yearly tabs for all sessions in which a camper is enrolled.

-Division and Bunk assignment for the specified session

Phone call scheduling

Once again this only shows if your camp has purchased the Phone call module

  1. Credit can be added to a campers phone call profile here
  2. Use this area to book a phone call for a camper (i.e. call home).  Just make sure you have added time slots via the Phone call scheduling Dashboard
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