Mass Resetting Parent Dashboard Passwords

After your family/camper data has been imported into CampSite, each parent that's been imported needs to be assigned a temporary password for logging into the Parent Dashboard. You can assign and distribute temporary passwords to multiple parents at once via a mass e-mail.

Create an Advanced Report

Resetting Parent Dashboard Passwords

To begin, navigate to the Campers dropdown menu on the navigation bar and access the Advanced Reports page.

Next, create a report that contains the list of campers whose parents you want to assign passwords.

  1. If you want to provide passwords to every parent account created through your data import, click "Sessions" and select all, then click "Statuses" and select all, so that all of your sessions and statuses had been added to the report.
  2. Next, click "Add Filter."

Under the Basic Info section of the Camper Info tab, select "How created."

  1. Type "Data Import" as the text that the "how created" field contains for each camper in your report.
  2. Click "Add Filter."

Your report results will now display only the campers who were created via a data import. If you'd like to filter your results list even further, continue adding filters until your results display only the campers whose parents you wish to assign passwords.

Send a Mass E-mail

Next, click the "E-mail" button in the Advanced Reports toolbar.

Select the option to send an e-mail to these families, not these campers.

  1. Compose your e-mail message to explain to parents that an account has been created for them on your Parent Dashboard. After you send this e-mail to reset their passwords, each parent will receive a separate e-mail from CampSite that includes a link to the Parent Dashboard and their new temporary password (which you can explain in your e-mail message if desired).  
  2. Next, click "+Reset Parent Dashboard passwords..."
  1. Select which parents you would like to reset Parent Dashboard passwords for - primary and/or divorced parents. After receiving this e-mail message from you, parents will receive a second e-mal with their new password.
  2. Click "Send e-mail."
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