Spending Money Transaction log

The Spending Money Transaction log allows you to view Camper's Spending Money transactions based on selected criteria.

From the Spending Money Landing Page, click "Spending money transaction log"

  1. Select the year you would like to view the transaction log for
  2. Select the transaction types you would like to include on the report
  3. Select the transaction category you would like to include on the report
  4. If you would like to only include transaction with a specific description, enter the description
  5. Enter the date range to search for transactions within certain dates. Leaving these fields blank will display all Camper's Spending Money Transactions for the selected year
  6. Click "Run report"

Transactions with your selected criteria will display.

  1. Click the printer icon to print the transaction log
  2. Click to export the transaction log to Excel
  1. Fifty transactions will show on the page. Use the arrows on the bottom of the page to view more transactions.
  2. Overall balance for transactions with your selected criteria.
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