Spending Money Transaction log

The Spending Money Transaction log allows you to report on all the Spending Money deposit/withdrawal transactions in your database.

To access the Spending Money Transaction Log, click the appropriate link on the Spending Money Dashboard.

Transaction Log Filters

  1. Filter which year's transactions you wish to generate.
  2. Filter the transaction types you wish to generate.
  3. Filter transactions based on the transaction category they've been assigned to.
  4. Filter transactions based on their description. Enter text into the text box and only transactions with a description containing this text will generate in the report results.
  5. Filter transactions that were created during a certain date range.
  6. Click "Run report" to generate your results.

Report Results

For every transaction generated onto the report, view the transaction ID, the date + time the transaction was created, the camper first + last name, and the transaction details (type, category, description, and amount).

  1. Double click to print the report.
  2. Double click to export the report as a CSV file.
  3. View the grand total of all transactions.
  4. The report results will display a maximum of 50 transactions on one page. If your report contains more than 50 transactions, click the arrow keys to navigate to different pages.
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