Managing Deposits and Withdrawals from the Camper's Profile

Manage an individual camper's Spending Money deposits or withdrawals via the Spending Money tab of their profile.

From this tab, admins can:

Note:  Adding a deposit does not trigger a payment transaction. 

If you need to debit the family's credit card or checking account to pay for the camper's spending money deposit, you may do so by creating a new payment on the family's profile, from the financial tab.  Click here to learn how.

Spending Money Tab

Select the correct year tab then select the Spending Money tab underneath.

To add a transaction, click "+ Add transaction"

Add Transaction

To record a new transaction, click "add transaction..."

  1. Select the transaction type (deposit or withdrawal)
  2. Select the transaction category
  3. Enter a description
  4. Enter the transaction amount
  5. Click "Add transaction"

Note:  Adding a new deposit does NOT debit money from the family's credit card/checking account. Payment for the deposit must be processed separately, via Financial>Transactions tab of the family's profile. Click here to learn how.

Existing Transactions

  1. View the details for each spending money transaction.
  2. View the camper's current balance.

Editing a Transaction

Edit the "category" or "description" by double clicking on the current value, making your changes, and clicking OK to save.

If you need to edit the amount, you must delete the transaction and recreate it.

Deleting a Transaction

Double click the "i" icon to edit a transaction.

Click Delete Transaction.

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