Mass Printing Family Notes

Printing family notes allows you to print data from the Notes tab of the Family Profile page. Family notes can be printed as a mass list of all families with enrolled campers, or by division or bunk within an individual session.

To print Family notes, select "Camper + family notes" from the Camper dropdown menu on the navigation bar.

Select "Family notes".

  1. Select whether you would like to include families without notes
  2. Enter a date range for notes to print. Leave blank to print all notes for the families in the selected year
  3. Select the enrollment year you would like to print family notes for
  4. Click to print all family notes alphabetically based on your selected criteria
  5. Click "+Print by division / bunk..." to select specific divisions or bunks
  1. Select the session you would like to print notes for
  2. To print family notes by division, select the divisions you would like to print notes for
  3. Click "Print by division" to print
  4. To print camper notes by bunk, select the bunks you would like to print notes for
  5. Click "Print by bunk" to print

Printable notes will open based on your selected criteria.

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