Step 7: Enrollment Discounts

Enrollment discounts are applied to the camper's balance at the time of enrollment. 

Discounts can either be applied automatically (based on the camper meeting specific criteria) or applied manually by an administrative user (when manually processing the camper's enrollment).

Enrollment discounts are located under Step 7 of the Camper Setup Wizard, from the Admin page.

To add a new enrollment discount click, +Add enrollment discount.

  1. Enter the name for the new enrollment discount
  2. Select the Discount mode (either manual or automatic)
  3. Select the limit, either none, once per family or once per camper
  4. Select a transaction category
  5. Enter a transaction description
  6. Select a type, either by amount or percentage
  7. Enter the discount amount
    Note: Discounts are deducted from the camper's total enrollment balance. For example, if you want campers to receive $50 off every week of camp they sign up for, creating (1) $50 discount will only give them $50 off their entire balance. Instead, you'd need to create a separate discount per the number of weeks a camper could enroll for (e.g. a $50 discount for enrolling in 1 week; a $100 discount for enrolling in 2 weeks; so on and so forth).
  8. Select which accrual session you would like
  9. Click Add discount

Manual Enrollment Discounts

Manual discounts are only given to campers if an admin user chooses to apply the discount when manually processing the camper's enrollment. With that, parents will not receive the discount before they submit the enrollment form.

To apply a manual enrollment discount, the admin user will select the discount during the "Payment Information" step of the manual enrollment process. The discount will reduce the camper's enrollment balance, and once the camper is enrolled, the discount will display on the family's financial account.


Automatic Enrollment Discounts

CampSite will automatically apply automatic discounts at checkout for the enrollment form, if the camper meets the eligibility criteria for that discount.  With that, parents will receive the discount before they submit the enrollment form.

To configure the eligibility criteria for an automatic discount,

  1. Select "Automatic" as the discount mode
  2. Click to "+Add Criteria" for the receiving the discount

Discount Criteria

First, select the criteria type from the dropdown list provided. After selecting a criteria type, a Description of the criteria type will explain the criteria in more detail. For example, if you select the "paying in full" criteria, the description explains that this criteria is applied if the camper selects "pay in full" during checkout.

After you select the criteria type, you must enter a specific value for the criteria you selected. For example, if you select the "Paying in full?" criteria, you'll need to select a "yes" or "no" value, as to whether the discount should apply if Yes, the camper is paying in full at the time of enrollment; or No, the camper is not paying in full at the time of enrollment. Click "add criteria" when finished.

If a camper must meet several criteria in order to receive the discount, click "Add criteria" again to add the additional criteria the camper must meet. Note: If you add multiple criteria to the discount, the camper must meet every criteria in order to receive the discount.

Re-arranging, Editing, and Deleting Discounts

  1. Click and drag to re-arrange discounts (if you configure your Camper Financial Settings so as to "stack" discounts).
  2. Double-click the pencil to edit the settings for a discount
  3. Double-click the red minus sign to permanently delete the enrollment discount
    Note: You may also make a discount inactive instead of deleting it permanently. To do that, double click the pencil to edit the discount and change "Active" to "no" and save.
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