Step 6: Enrollment Extras

Enrollment extras are additional options that can be purchased in addition to enrollment. Enrollment extras can be priced for a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the camper's tuition plan.

Setting up Enrollment Extras is a 2-part process. First, create the enrollment extra; then, add the enrollment extra to the enrollment form

Creating Enrollment Extras

Access Enrollment extras via Admin > Camper > Setup wizard > Step 6: Enrollment extras

To add a new enrollment extra, click +Add enrollment extra...

  1. Enter the name for the new enrollment extra
  2. Select which type of charge should be incurred - 'by amount' or 'percentage'
  3. Assign a transaction category (all transactions related to this extra will be assigned to the transaction category selected here.)
  4. Enter a description
  5. Enter the amount for the price of this extra
  6. Click Submit.

The new enrollment extra will be added to your database.

  1. Double-click to edit the name of the enrollment extra
  2. Double-click to edit the category of the enrollment extra
  3. Double-click to edit the description of the enrollment extra
  4. Double-click to edit the amount or percentage of the enrollment extra
  5. Double-click the red minus sign to delete the enrollment extra

Adding Enrollment Extras to the Enrollment Form

There are additional steps to take in order to add an enrollment extra to your enrollment form, depending on how you wish to offer the extra.

  1. Offer the extra as a "yearly enrollment extra."

    Yearly enrollment extras are available for purchase once a year, regardless of which enrollment option/how many enrollment options a camper is enrolling for, and they can be offered once per camper or once per family. Yearly enrollment extras cannot be purchased after the enrollment form has been submitted.

    To configure yearly enrollment extras, go to Step 8: Enrollment Form Setup > Yearly Enrollment Extras. Read more in our "Step 8" Support Article.

  2. Offer the extra on individual enrollment options.

    Enrollment option extras can be purchased once per enrollment option. After campers select the enrollment option, any enrollment extras associated to that particular option will be available for purchase. Enrollment option extras can be purchased once per camper, per year (they cannot be configured as once per family). Also, enrollment option extras can be made available for purchase after enrollment, if desired.

    To configure yearly enrollment extras, go to Step 9: Enrollment Options and edit the 'extras' setting for the bundle(s) within an enrollment option. Read more about bundles in our "Step 9" Support Article.


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