Step 6: Enrollment Extras

Create enrollment extras to offer additional items or services campers can purchase along with their enrollment, like before and after care; transportation to/from camp; or camp merchandise.

Enrollment extras can either be offered for purchase once per year (during the camper's very first enrollment for the year); or, once per enrollment option (whenever the camper selects for the associated option[s]).

Adding enrollment extras to your enrollment form is a 2-step process:

  1. First, create the enrollment extra on Step 6 of the Setup Wizard
  2. Then, add the enrollment extra to the enrollment form via Step 8 or 9, depending on how often campers can purchase them

To manage your enrollment extras, navigate to Step 6 of the Camper Setup Wizard within the Campers Admin tab.

On Step 6, you may:

After you create an enrollment extra on Step 6, go to Step 8 or 9 to add it to your enrollment form - click here to learn more.

Create an Enrollment Extra

The first step in adding enrollment extras to your enrollment form is to create the extra in your database via Step 6.

To create a new enrollment extra:

  1. Select the correct enrollment year
  2. Click +Add enrollment extra...

Next, you'll be asked to provide the details for the enrollment extra.

  1. Name the enrollment extra
  2. Select which type of charge should be incurred - 'by amount' (i.e. a flat fee)  or 'percentage' (i.e. a percentage of their tuition costs)
  3. For financial reporting purposes, select which session to assign all associated charges with
    • This setting does NOT add the enrollment extra to your enrollment form for that session. This setting is strictly related to internally tracking program financials when generating financial reports in CampSite. Click here to learn more.
  4. Select a transaction category*
  5. Optional: Enter a description of the extra (to provide parents with more details about their purchase)
  6. Enter the amount that the extra costs
  7. Click Submit to create the extra

*All charges created for this enrollment extra will be labeled by this transaction category, for reporting purposes. If you need to create a new category for the extra, go to Step 3 of the Setup Wizard first.

The new enrollment extra will be added to your database (in alphabetical order).

To add this enrollment extra to your enrollment form, go to Step 8 or 9 (depending on how often campers can purchase the extra) - click here to learn more.

Edit an Enrollment Extra

Admins can change the name, transaction category, description, and cost of an enrollment extra anytime after it's been created.

To edit an enrollment extra, double click the pencil icon on the far left.

Edit the name, category, description, or amount as needed and submit your changes.

Note that changes to an enrollment extra will only impact new purchases of that extra after your changes have been applied. Campers who already purchased the enrollment extra will NOT be impacted.

Delete an Enrollment Extra

Admins can permanently delete an enrollment extra from CampSite if:

  • The enrollment extra hasn't been purchased by any campers yet.
  • The enrollment extra has been removed from the enrollment form (via step 8 or 9, depending)

If you need to remove a certain enrollment extra from your enrollment form, it's not necessary to permanently delete it via Step 6.

You control which extras display on your enrollment form via Step 8 or 9 (depending on how you added the extra to your form originally).

To learn how to remove a yearly extra from your enrollment form (Step 8), click here.

To learn how to remove an extra from certain enrollment options (Step 9), click here.

To permanently delete the enrollment extra from your database, double-click the delete icon on the right.

Adding Enrollment Extras to the Enrollment Form

To add an enrollment extra to your enrollment form, first you need to decide how often you wish to allow campers to purchase the extra:

  1. Offer the extra as a "yearly enrollment extra."

    Yearly enrollment extras are available for purchase once a year (during the camper's first registration for the year), regardless of which enrollment option/how many enrollment options a camper is enrolling for. Yearly extras can be offered for purchase once per camper OR once per family. Note that yearly enrollment extras cannot be purchased after the camper's first registration for the year.

    To add an extra to your enrollment form as a yearly extra, go to Step 8: Enrollment Form Setup > Yearly Enrollment Extras. Read more in our "Step 8" Support Article.

  2. Offer the extra on individual enrollment options.

    Enrollment option extras can be purchased once per enrollment option, depending on which enrollment options you associate the extra with. Once campers select an enrollment option, any enrollment extras that were associated to that particular option will be offered for purchase. This allows you to offer an extra only for certain enrollment options/sessions that are relevant (or, for every one of your options, if desired). It also allows the camper to purchase the extra more than once (if they're enrolling in several options and the extra is available on each of those options). Also, enrollment option extras can be made available for campers to purchase after they enroll, if desired (unlike yearly extras).

    Note that Enrollment option extras must be purchased per camper (they cannot be offered "once per family").

    To add an extra to an enrollment option, go to Step 9: Enrollment Options and edit the 'extras' setting for the bundle(s) within an enrollment option. You can add extras to a bundle when first creating the bundle (click here to learn more) OR add them to a bundle that's already been created (click here to learn more).


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