Step 5: Tuition Plans

Tuition Plans refer to the cost of camp for each session that a child comes to camp.

Tuition plans can be accessed through Admin > Camper > Setup wizard > Step 5: Tuition plans

To add a new tuition plan click +Add tuition plan...

  1. Enter the name of the tuition plan
  2. Select the transaction category
  3. Enter the amount
  4. Click Submit.

The new tuition plan will be added.

  1. Double-click to edit the name of the tuition plan
  2. Double-click to change the transaction category
  3. Double-click the minus sign to delete a tuition plan. Note: Once a tuition plan is in use, it cannot be deleted.

Creating Tuition Plan Rates

Tuition Plan Rates all you to create different pricing structures to apply based on the date on which a camper submits their enrollment request. Tuition Plan Rates are added onto the "default" tuition plan, which will apply on all dates outside of any rates created.

To add a rate to an existing tuition plan, double-click the pencil icon.

Select +Add tuition plan rate...

Enter the rate name, transaction category, amount, dates, and active status for the new rate, then click Add rate.

Note: if adding multiple rates for a tuition plan, the dates may not overlap.

The new rate will be created, and campers submitting enrollment for a bundle with that tuition plan during the date range will receive the appropriate rate. On the family's statements, the rate name will be merged on to the default tuition plan name.

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