CampSite Skin Guidelines

CampSite’s public-facing pages are skinned to match your camp’s website to provide a consistent experience for your customers.

If your camp would like to design the skin, please follow these guidelines:

  • All elements of the skin should be non-interactive (e.g. no navigation menus, JavaScript, etc.). This ensures your users a consistent experience that does not interfere with CampSite’s functionality.
  • CampSite’s public-facing pages use a simple, centered wrapper that contains all of the elements a user will interact with.
  • A typical skin consists of a background image / color, wrapper background image / color, and header graphic.
  • The width of the header graphic can be between 900 and 1000 pixels (900 pixels is the recommended width).
  • There is no restriction on the height of the header graphic, but we recommend 150 pixels.
  • Send a completed mockup of the skin as a Photoshop file to Each element of the skin should be its own layer.
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