Step 4: Payment Schedules

Payment schedules allow parents to enroll their camper for camp without paying in full at the time of enrollment. An admin user will then batch invoice families to pay their remaining balances on a pre-selected payment date (or series of multiple dates).

Payment schedules can be accessed via Admin > Campers > Setup Wizard > Step 4: Payment schedules

Payment Schedule Groups

Payment schedules are organized into different groups. You can then associate one payment schedule group to a single enrollment option. This allows any of the payment schedules within the associated group to be selected for that enrollment option.

Click add payment schedule group to create a group.

Next, provide a name for the group and click Add payment schedule group.

  1. Double click the pencil icon to change the name of a payment schedule group.
  2. Click the name of the payment schedule group to manage the schedules within that group.
  3. Double click to the delete the group (if no schedules have been created therein).

To add payment schedules to your enrollment form, associate a group of payment schedules to each of your enrollment options. Payment schedule groups can be associated to an enrollment option via the enrollment option settings on Step 9 of the Camper Setup Wizard.

Payment Schedules

Click the name of a payment schedule group to create payment schedules within that group.

To create a new payment schedule, click +Add a new payment schedule...

  1. Name the payment schedule.
  2. Select whether or not to require autopay (where parents will have their cards drafted for payment by an admin user on each payment due date). If set to No, parents can choose whether or not they want to be on autopay. If set to Yes, autopay is required.
  3. Select where or not to show this payment schedule on the enrollment form. If set to No, parents will not be presented this schedule, but admin users may elect to place a family onto it manually.
  4. Click the input field to select a due date for the first payment on this schedule.
  5. Optional: Click to add additional dates to the payment schedule. A payment schedule with multiple dates allows parents to make several payments over a series of time. CampSite will automatically divide their balance into equal payments on each payment schedule date you create.
  6. Optional: Add instructions to present to parents if/when this schedule is selected.
  7. Click submit to create this payment schedule. NOTE: You cannot edit payment schedule dates afterward you click submit.

The new payment schedule will be added to the group.

  1. Double-click to edit the settings for the payment schedule. Dates cannot be edited after the schedule is created, but all other settings can.
  2. Double-click to delete a payment schedule (if no families have selected it yet).

Invoicing Process

Click here to watch our tutorial video on how admin users can batch invoice families on your payment schedule(s).

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