Step 2: Sessions

Sessions refer to a time frame in which campers come to camp. Each session must have a start and end date, and can optionally have maximum or group capacities based on specific criteria.

Sessions can be accessed through Admin > Camper > Setup wizard > Step 2: Sessions.

Adding a new session

  1. Select the enrollment year you wish to add a session to
  2. Click +Add session...
  1. Enter the session name
  2. Enter the start date for the session
  3. Enter the end date for the session
  4. The session capacities will default to "Unlimited" but a maximum capacity may be set between 1 and 2000 campers
  5. Select the Active Days, which refers to the days of the week between the start and end date on which camp takes place. You may choose "All" or "Weekdays only", which can be further tweaked.
  6. Click Add new session

The new session will added to the list of sessions.

Editing Sessions

Double-click the pencil for a session to edit the session details.

Session Details

  1. Manage the session name.
  2. Manage the start date for the session.
  3. Manage the end date for the session.
  4. Manage the maximum capacity for the session (i.e. how many campers in total may enroll?)
  5. Manage the active days for the session (i.e. on which days does the session actively occur?) Note: Parents do not see this information; this is for admin purposes only in regards to logging attendance and delivering medications.
  6. Use the calendar modal to individually select active/inactive days. If a date is green, it's an active day.
  7. Click 'update session' to save your changes.

Session Group Capacities

While the maximum capacity limits how many campers in total may enroll for the session, group capacities limit how many campers of a certain demographic may enroll.

Group capacities can be created based on camper gender, age, and grade. Each session can have multiple group capacities, however, the sum of the group capacities may not exceed the session's maximum capacity.

Add a Group Capacity

To add capacities, click the + Add group capacity... link.

  1. Select a number to apply as the capacity
  2. Select the parameters for this capacity (gender and/or grade or age) and enter the specific details
  3. Click Add group capacity

In this example, the "Week 9" session has can accept a total of 25 female campers in 4th or 5th grade.

Note: A group capacity limits how many campers may enroll, but it does not restrict who is eligible to enroll. To restrict who's eligible to enroll, you need to add restrictions to the enrollment option(s) that contain this session. Enrollment options (and their restrictions) are managed on Setup Wizard Step 9.

Edit a Group Capacity

  1. Edit the capacity amount by double clicking the current capacity.
  2. Delete a group capacity by double clicking the delete button.

Note: The capacity criteria cannot be edited afterwards. Instead, delete the capacity and add a new one with the correct criteria.  

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