Step 2: Sessions

Sessions indicate the time frames when campers attend camp. Each session must have a specific start and end date, and can also have specific "active" days and capacities (to limit the number of campers who can enroll).

  • When a family uses your enrollment form, they select enrollment options that are built to contain certain sessions and a specific tuition plan (price). Once the camper's enrollment is processed, the camper is enrolled for the selected sessions and charged accordingly.
  • That said, creating sessions is the first step in a multi-step process for adding new options to your enrollment form.

Manage your Sessions via Step 2 of the Camper Setup Wizard.

Important Note:

Sessions do not appear on your enrollment form until you build them into an enrollment option.

To add a new session to your enrollment form, create the session on Step 2, then go to Step 9 and add the session to an enrollment option.
To learn more about creating/editing enrollment options,
click here.

Add a New Session

When adding sessions, the sessions should correspond with the timeframes in which campers can choose to attend. For example, if you're running a program in which campers can sign up for individual days of the week, create a session for each day they can select. If you're running a week-long program, where campers attend the full week, create a session that spans that entire week, so on and so forth.

  1. Select the enrollment year you wish to add a session to
  2. Click +Add session...
  1. Enter the session name
  2. Enter the start date for the session
  3. Enter the end date for the session
  4. Enter a maximum capacity (if applicable)
  5. Set the Active Days on which campers will attend camp for this session.
    • If you need to enter custom active days, you may do so by editing the session after it's been created.
  6. Click Add new session

The new session will now appear on Step 2, and you can now build the session into an enrollment option on Step 9 so that the session appears on your enrollment form.

Editing Sessions

Note that you may edit a session at anytime, even if registration has already begun.  Any changes you make will apply to new registrations that occur from that point forward.

Double-click the pencil for a session to edit a session.

Session Details

  1. Manage the session name.
  2. Manage the start date for the session.
  3. Manage the end date for the session.
  4. Manage the maximum capacity for the session (i.e. how many campers in total may enroll?)
  5. Manage the "active days" for the session
  6. Click 'update session' to save your changes.

Active Days

Active days refer to the days on which campers report to camp for this particular session.

Note: The "Active days" setting is for admin reference only, and is only relevant to the Attendance, Medical, and Transportation modules. If you do not have these modules, the "active days" setting is irrelevant.

  • On the inactive days for a session, the Attendance module will not prompt for attendance check-ins; the Medical module will not prompt for medication deliveries; and the Transportation module will not generate bus rosters.
  1. Select an "active days" preset
  2. Click to manually activate/deactivate individual days
    • Click the date on the calendar to change the active setting.
    • If a date is green, it's active. If a date is not green, it's not active.
  3. Apply your changes by clicking "Update session"

Session Group Capacities

Within the maximum capacity for a session, camps can also designate sub-capacities (called "group capacities") to further limit enrollment. For example, if a maximum of 100 campers can enroll, but of those 100, only 25 kindergartners and first graders can attend, then a group capacity for K-1st needs to be created.

Note that capacities only limit how many can enroll; they do not limit who is eligible to enroll. To restrict who's eligible to enroll, you need to add restrictions to the enrollment option(s) that contain this session. Enrollment options (and their restrictions) are managed on Step 9.

Add Group Capacities

To create a new group capacity, click the + Add group capacity... link.

  1. Select the capacity (i.e. maximum number who can enroll)
  2. Designate the criteria for this capacity
    • Select one or multiple criteria as needed
  3. Click Add group capacity

In this example, the "Week 9" session has a maximum capacity of 100 campers, and out of those 100, only 25 female campers in either Kindergarten or 1st grade will be accepted. The remaining 75 spots are open to any camper.

To further limit the remaining spots, keep adding more group capacities as needed.

Edit a Group Capacity

Edit the amount of a capacity anytime after the capacity is created, or remove a capacity altogether.

  1. To change the capacity, double click the current capacity, make your changes, and click Ok to save.
  2. To remove a capacity, double click the delete button.

Note that group capacity criteria cannot be edited. Instead, delete the capacity and add a new one with the correct criteria.

Deleting Sessions

Deleting a session serves to permanently delete the session from your CampSite database.

  • If your intention is to remove a session from your enrollment form, you don't need to permanently delete it - you control which sessions display on your enrollment form via your enrollment options on Step 9. Click here to learn more.


To delete a session, double click the red delete button.

When the delete button is grey, it indicates that the session cannot be deleted. A session cannot be deleted if it's being used elsewhere in CampSite. To see where/how a session is being used, hover over the grey delete button and wait for the tool tip to open.

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