Step 2: Sessions

Sessions refer to a time frame in which campers come to camp. Each session must have a start and end date, and can optionally have maximum or group capacities based on specific criteria.

Sessions can be accessed through Admin > Camper > Setup wizard > Step 2: Sessions.

Adding a new session

Adding a new session
  1. Select the enrollment year you wish to add a session to
  2. Click +Add session...
  1. Enter the session name
  2. Enter the start date for the session
  3. Enter the end date for the session
  4. The session capacities will default to "Unlimited" but a maximum capacity may be set between 1 and 2000 campers
  5. Select the Active Days, which refers to the days of the week between the start and end date on which camp takes place. You may choose "All" or "Weekdays only", which can be further tweaked.
  6. Click Add new session

The new session will added to the list of sessions.

  1. Double-click the pencil to edit a session name, dates, capacity or active days
  2. Double-click to delete a session. Note: Sessions that are included in any enrollment option bundle cannot be deleted.

Session Capacities

Each session can have capacities set in order to limit the number of campers enrolled.

  • Maximum capacities refers to the total number of campers that may enroll in a session
  • Group capacities refers to capacities based on campers gender and or age or grade. Each session can have multiple group capacities, however, the sum of the group capacities may not exceed the session's maximum capacity.

To edit or add capacities, double-click the pencil next to the session.

Setting a Maximum Capacity

Setting a Maximum Capacity
  1. Use the dropdown list to set the maximum capacity for the session
  2. Click Update session

The new session capacity is indicated in the capacity column.

Setting Group Capacities

Setting Group Capacities

To add a group capacity, select +Add group capacity

  1. Select the group capacity
  2. Select your group filters
  3. Click Add group capacity

Group capacities can be updated by double-clicking in the capacity column. Repeat this process to add additional group capacities.

After all group filters have been added, click Update session.

The number of group capacities is indicated in the Capacity column.

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